~ Shadowbrooks Belgairn Jersey ~

Shadowbrooks Belgairn Jersey
Jersey, 18 months!

Shadowbrooks Belgairn JerseyShadowbrooks Belgairn Jersey
Jersey wins Best in Sweepstakes at her first show!!

Shadowbrooks Belgairn JerseyShadowbrooks Belgairn Jersey
Jersey excited to win a big ribbon!!

Shadowbrooks Belgairn Jersey
Jersey 17 weeks

Jersey arrives at 13 weeks
Here she is with family friend, Glen, who came to the airport to pick her up

"Jersey! "

Breeders Shadowbrook Labradors
Thank you Michael and Kimberlee Silva for this spectacular girl!!

Jersey''s AKC & Health Information:

AKC #: SR99733104
Whelp Date: April 11,2017
Hips Excellent (OFA LR240321E24F-VPI)
Elbows Normal (OFA LR-240321E24F-VPI)
Heart Echo Normal (Dr. Kienley, OFA LR-ACA1516/23F-VPI)
Eyes Normal Cerf (11/26/19)
Full Dentition
Black (carries yellow)

Clearances Using Paw Print Genetics
Normal (clear) for
~Centronuclear Myopathy
~Degenerative Myelopathy
~Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis (HNPK)
~Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration (PRA)
~Retinal Dysplasia/Oculoskeletal Dysplasia 1
~Skeletal Dysplasia 2
Carrier (but will never produce if bred to clear):
~Exercise Induce Collapse

Pedigree for Jersey:
BISS CH Pipestone Special K
AM CAN CH Belgairn Troubleson WC
AM CH Nipntuck Hyspire Unforgettable
BOSS CH Belgairn Shadowbrook Over The Edge
Pipestone's Alice Cullen Kashlins Flying Dutchman
Artistes Kashlin Vera Wang WC
Shadowbrook's Moon Dancer
Trinity's Water Into Wine GCH Hyspire Shalih Hotter'N Blazes
Trinity's Everlasting Vine
Shadowbrook's Meant To Be at Spring Dell Farm BISS Shadowbrook's McSteamy
Shadowbrook's Belgairn Best of Both Worlds

Jerseys' Accomplishments:

1st Open Black
San Diego LRC Specialty (SDLRC)
February 16, 2019
Judge: Jean-Louis Blais (Chablais ~ Canada)
1st Place Open Black (at 18 months!)
Judge: Stephanie Harris (Skyfire ~ USA
Golden Gate LRC, (10/19/2018)

1st Place 9 - 12 Month Sweepstakes
Judge: Ron Morelos (Stonewall ~ USA
2nd Place 9 -12 Month
Judge: Lori Bentine (Tremont ~ USA)
San Joaquin LRC, (3/17/2018)

Best in Sweepstakes!
Judge: Eric Benzinger (Tameric ~ USA)
Best Puppy!
Judge: Ms. Jackie Hodge (Naiken ~ USA)
1st Place 9 - 12 Month Puppy
Judge: Pam Ireland (Seawind ~ USA)
San Joaquin LRC, (3/16/2018)

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