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" Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Rescue, Inc. "
If you are torn between getting an AKC Labrador Retriever or a pound dog, consider getting a Lab from the Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Club Rescue. These are dogs that for some reason or another need loving homes. Perhaps the owner is having problems and the person who bred the dog does not stand behind their own dogs like any ethical breeder would (meaning take the dog back). Maybe the dog was abandoned. Whatever the reason, these dogs are in need of homes. They usually won't look like ours, nor will the parents likely have the many health clearances like ours, but you could get a very appreciate pet that you will adore.

"The Labrador Retriever Standard "
(the standard from the country of origin of the breed)

"The (American) Labrador Retriever Standard "
(the standard of the Labrador Retriever Club used by the American Kennel Club)

" Labrador Breeders Links "
(find Labrador breeders in your state or around the world)

" Shadowbrook Labradors "
(friends & creators of our web site)

" American Kennel Club "
(the official club of the U.S.A.)

" The Kennel Club "
(The British Kennel Club)

" Canine Eye Registration Foundation "

" Orthopedic Foundation for Animals "

" Club Search "
(to find conformation, hunting, or obedience clubs in your area)

" Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Club "
(a Labrador club in the San Francisco bay area)

" San Joaquin Labrador Retriever Club "
(a Labrador club in the Modesto area)

" Sierra Vista Labrador Retriever Club "
(a Labrador club in the Sacramento area)

" Calendar for Upcoming Labrador Retriever Specialties "
(shows just for Labraodr Retrievers)

" AKC Calendar of Events "
(find out dates for AKC hunting tests, allbreed shows, and more)

"Color Genetics for the Labrador Retriever "
(from the Blue Knight Labrador web site)

" Weathertop Collection "
Saudjie Crook of Balrion at Weathertop creates Labrador
show leads, purses, bait bags, shoulder bags, cheque books, and more.

" Drewett's Art "
Judy Heim of Hypire Labradors creates Labrador jewelery,
paintings, scarves, and accessories.

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