~ Kilija Oakglen Chantelle CD, JH ~

~ A young Chante! ~


Full of spunk! Ball crazy! Awesome pheasant and duck dog! Lover of food! Runner in the hills! Lover of walks!

First Belgairn Queen! First Lab to breed with the Belgairn name!

Mother of Shoni, who brought us together!

Mother of Haley! Grandmother of Peekaboo!

Chante was a wonderful dog and is greatly missed!

Jennifer and Marilyn go way back!!

At a GGLRC specialty... a very fit Chante wins the Novice class with nine entries,

while her chocolate daughter Remmy wins 1st in a large 12 -18 month class.

Chante as a mature girl!

Chante's Clearances:

Wind-Morgan #182
OFA Hips: Exellent
OFA Elbows: Normal
Heart: Normal by ascultation
CERF: Normal
Dentition: Full
Color: Black (Bc, black carrying chocolate)

Pedigree for Chante:

Kilija's Brigand
CH Marshland Blitz CH Allegheny's Eclipse
CH Marshland Paisely Broone
Kilija's Mono Pook Kilija's Puh of Wine Valley CD
Winsome Roxanne of Admor CD
Kilijas Oakglen Hartbreaker
Kilija's Starbreaker CH Coal Creeks Briary Break Thru
Kilija's Cassiopeia
Kilija's Molly Muldoon CH Hennings Mill Gold Cargo
Marylco's African Queen

Chante's Offspring:

Belgairn Moondance CD, JH

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