Shadowbrook's Belgairn Jersey
GCHCH Arlon's A Shady Bet at Caercreek (Gamble)!

Shadowbrooks Belgairn JerseyJersey & Gamble
 GCH Aron's A Shady Bet at CaerCreek (Gamble)

Pedigree for this litter ...

GCH Arlon's Shady Bet at CaerCreek
SR CH Hyspire Slim Shady JH, WCX SR INt CH Raintree Slippery When Wet JH CGC
Hypsire Major Attraction CD
GCH Arlon's Noxema Jackson GCH Hyspire Shali Hotter Than Blazes
Beechcrofts Made in the Shade
Shadowbrooks Belgairn Jersey
GCH Pipestone Special K ("Kurtis") AM CAN CH Belgairn Troubleson ("Blue")
Pipestone's Alice Cullen
Shadowbrook's Moon Dancer Trinity's Water Into Wine
Shadowbrook's Meant To Be at Spring Dell Farm

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